Thursday, November 14, 2019

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As your one point of contact, Lines of Communication of­fers turn-key services to meet your organization’s unique needs. We leverage our industry experience and relationships on your behalf to accomplish your goals. Typically engaging through the assessment and optimization process, we uncover the path to savings, efficiencies and improved processes with solid results and ROI.

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The first step in our service process is an intensive audit of your company’s current services and billings. We will develop an accurate inventory of your services, hardware, data, usage and needs. At times, we find incorrect, redundant and unnecessary charges which we are able to recoup for the customer as the first step in ensuring you are receiving the most value possible from your service providers. Many clients are surprised to learn that they are not getting the best services and rates available to them. 

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We don’t stop with comprehensive audits of our client’s current telecommunication expenses. We pursue the best solutions on your behalf and will be the trusted partner you rely on to manage these services.  

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For strategic planning regarding growth and expansion, downsizing and capital projects we offer comprehensive consulting services.

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Service Vendors

Our services and solutions are powered by the industry’s best vendors including:


ACC Business/AT&T



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